LLS International specializes in processing temporary and seasonal workers into the United States.

Fraud Prevention

LLS VISA ELECTRONICA, does not have any operating Satellite offices in Mexico, and as of now only has only one official Head Quarters located in Monterrey, NL, Mexico. ALL Visa processing is conducted exclusively from our Headquarters, and It has recently come to our attention that our company's name has been used to defraud various Vera Cruz workers. LLS VISA does not now, nor has it ever, accepted payments from anyone desiring to be placed on the list for either H2A or H2B.

Prevención de Fraude

LLS VISA ELECTRONICA no cuenta con sucursales ni representantes trabajando externamente en ninguna parte del país. Todas las operaciones de VISA son conducidas y procesadas por nuestro equipo, a través de nuestra sede en Monterrey, NL, México.

LLS International specializes in processing temporary and seasonal workers into the United States.

Our reputation with workers, employer's and the Mexican and U.S. consulates is based on a decade of moving workers efficiently into the country and to their employer through a successful, established, and transparent process. Our exclusive web-based worker processing system allows you to see where your workers are at every step in the process.

We represent literally thousands of workers who are waiting to assist you.

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Why LLS:

Cost. We guarantee the Best Value to Services ratio in the industry. $150 USD/worker processed. read more

Experience. We are seasoned veterans. Put your business in the hands of professionals. read more

Transparency. Know where your worker request stands. You can monitor the progress of your workers from your computer, anywhere. read more

Reputation. We are the largest mover of H-2 workers in the U.S. because we have an established process that eliminates surprises, optimizes processing and quality placement of workers. read more

Compassion. Our product is people. We have defined procedures to keep that top of mind. read more

Efficiency. Shortcuts? We don’t need them. Our standardized process moves your workers quickly without risking your business. read more

Safety. Traveling to Mexico can be expensive and dangerous. Our turnkey service can be managed and monitored by you from your desktop. read more