As one of the largest mover of H-2A and H-2B workers in the United States, we are pleased to offer our experience and knowledge with visas, passports and related formalities to smoothly and swiftly facilitate the movement of workers you need in the United States.

With our bilingual staff, solid relationships with the U.S. consulates and our web-based worker processing system, we can provide you with a host of valuable services that expedite and support worker entry procedures and related activities.

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Our proprietary worker processing system is web-based, secure, and available only to LLS customers. It allows us to manage, track and document worker requests from recruitment to your doorstep. It allows you to manage and monitor your orders from your desk. And of course, the system lets you communicate with your LLS agent, Customer Service personnel anytime and provides you on-going updates on procedural and policy changes in the Guest Worker program. read more.

For Employers

Logon to our secure system to manage and monitor your orders, download important documentation, communicate with your LLS agent anytime and keep abreast of important policy changes. read more.

For Agents

You’ll find our worker processing system will make your job easier and more predictable. We can directly assist you or to show you how to do it all yourself. read more.

LLS immediately gave us access to their database when two of my top men - two brothers - were suddenly called home because of their mother's illness. We were able to find two replacements with the right qualifications. They were here and working in just a few days."

Bloomington, IN

I had arranged for
50 workers to come and help
with our lumber operations.
The day before they were
supposed to arrive we
found out their agent had
been shut down by the
government because of his
inability to process the
paperwork properly.
I was beside myself.
But my partner was cool.
He knew about LLS.”

Eugene, OR

With LLS we were able to
keep tabs on all the workers
we were bringing in
and get them through the
consulate procedures as
quickly as possible. It was
much easier than what we
had to go through last year.”

Castroville, CA

The last thing I needed
was a busload of workers
showing up in the middle
of the night unannounced.
LLS’s system kept us
informed throughout.
Yes, the workers arrived late,
but we knew in advance
that would be the case,
so it was no problem at all.”

Haines, SD