System Overview

The LLS secure, online worker processing system is full of rewarding features and benefits that can facilitate the movement of the workers into the United States and lets you know what is happening every step of the way.

By working with us, we can give you direct access to monitor and manage your workers requests. Whether you are an experienced agent or an employer utilizing our experienced LLS preferred agents, you will be pleased by the unique and useful features and information the system provides you. The online worker processing system provides:

Real-Time Database
LS LS maintains a real-time database of over 30,000 qualified workers categorized by age, education, experience, occupation and visa status.

Worker Replacement
LLS can quickly replace departed workers with qualified individuals.

Bar Code
Bar code stickers on passports allow tracking of passport procedures and monitoring of worker processing status.

Electronic "Paperwork" Submission
Electronic submission of required documentation including DOL and BCIS forms ensures timely delivery.

Passport Reservation
Documents submitted electronically save the consulate time and trouble speed up the issuance of reserved passport slots.

Early Notification
Phone contact with worker verifies job acceptance. Complete phone log kept of every contact with each worker.

Guaranteed Agreement Documentation
Detailed agreements in Spanish signed by worker spell out terms of employment for employer protection.

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LLS immediately gave us access to their database when two of my top men - two brothers - were suddenly called home because of their mother's illness. We were able to find two replacements with the right qualifications. They were here and working in just a few days."

Bloomington, IN

I had arranged for
50 workers to come and help
with our lumber operations.
The day before they were
supposed to arrive we
found out their agent had
been shut down by the
government because of his
inability to process the
paperwork properly.
I was beside myself.
But my partner was cool.
He knew about LLS.”

Eugene, OR

With LLS we were able to
keep tabs on all the workers
we were bringing in
and get them through the
consulate procedures as
quickly as possible. It was
much easier than what we
had to go through last year.”

Castroville, CA

The last thing I needed
was a busload of workers
showing up in the middle
of the night unannounced.
LLS’s system kept us
informed throughout.
Yes, the workers arrived late,
but we knew in advance
that would be the case,
so it was no problem at all.”

Haines, SD