Your Success is Our Priority

LLS provides comprehensive H-2 temporary, seasonal worker processing services that our customers can monitor conveniently from anywhere internet service is available. A decade of doing it right provides prospective workers, employers, agents, and government consulates reassurance that their business is in the hands of professionals.

We do it by providing services at a cost and level of quality that no other recruiters/processors can match, through self-examination on a decade of doing business and on-going continuous improvement to our standardized process, professional bilingual staff who are available by phone and via internet when you need them, procedures developed to protect Workers and Employers when unexpected situations arise, technology to optimize time and resources, and transparency to ensure that you know what to expect and what is happening every step of the way.

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LLS charges $150.00 for each worker we successfully process. If you compare other recruiters/processors in Mexico, you will find this is the best value compared to the services you receive. Guaranteed.

LLS has been processing workers since 1999. Many other companies have come and gone, and for good reason. Employers can’t take the chance that their petition gets lost or misplaced, or that changes in policies are overlooked by their recruiter/processor in Mexico. Our established process is organized, monitored, and continuously updated.

We use technology to make the process easier on H-2 workers and U.S employers. Employers and LLS Preferred-Partner agents have access to our proprietary, secure, web-based worker processing system anytime, anywhere to manage and monitor their worker requests and communicate with LLS staff.

Our office maintains bilingual managers who can communicate with employers over the phone, e-mail and fax.

No other organization offers this level of quality in service and technology to their customers.

How much do you know about your Mexican recruiter? Can you track what is occurring in Mexico or does it enter a black hole once you submit an order to them? LLS’ proven set of procedures ensures that you know what is happening at all times.

Our secure, web-based worker processing system tracks and reports status for each step in the Worker’s passport submission process. Every step, every phone conversation is available online for every employer to view. LLS posts consulate results to the system as LLS receives them. Want to know when your workers show up? It’s all there in the system.

Our reputation with workers, employer’s and the consulate has withstood the test of time.

The secret behind our proven track record is that we monitor H-2 policy updates to ensure that our procedures reflect strict adherence to the program. We track every step of the worker’s path to your doorstop – online where you can see it. We continue to improve our process and procedures to optimize quality worker processing and communication to prospective workers, employers, agents and involved government agencies.

LLS understands how important it is get your workforce delivered on time.

The H-2 program is unique. Unexpected events happen and the entire H-2 process is quite fluid. Workers have unique problems that cannot be avoided. LLS understand that processors play an important role in removing obstacles. The H-2 service is not a transaction, but ministry. Emergencies that take place in Mexico or the United States need fast facilitation and communication between the worker and his/her family. We have built in procedures to manage issues that may arise to protect both the Worker and the Employer should an emergency arise with a worker.

The biggest challenge in the H-2 program is make sure the program stays simple to understand and the process stays fluent. This applies for the H-2 worker and the United States employer.

LLS strives to use technology in order to make the process easier on H-2 workers and U.S employers. For example, the United States Consulate requires that a bar code be generated from the State Department’s web-site for each worker. Needless to say, this can take over and hour for a single worker’s barcode application. Our system can pull the worker’s information from our secure database then apply for and retrieve a bar code on behalf of the worker in a fraction of the time, and with fewer mistakes than other recruiters.

In addition, the system provides employers with completed and accurate I-9 forms, Social security card and W-4 forms, DS-156 and DS-160 forms. These completed forms are all available for print with one keystroke.

Our worker database contains over 20,000 records of qualified workers categorized by age, education, experience, occupation and visa status to make it easy to identify and locate a new or replacement worker when you need them most.

These are just a couple examples of how LLS is constantly working to make the H-2 program easier to manage successfully for our customers.

LLS can deliver all of these services without the employer leaving his work place. Traveling to Mexico can be expensive and dangerous. Save your time and money by allowing LLS to provide a turnkey service from start to finish.

LLS immediately gave us access to their database when two of my top men - two brothers - were suddenly called home because of their mother's illness. We were able to find two replacements with the right qualifications. They were here and working in just a few days."

Bloomington, IN

I had arranged for
50 workers to come and help
with our lumber operations.
The day before they were
supposed to arrive we
found out their agent had
been shut down by the
government because of his
inability to process the
paperwork properly.
I was beside myself.
But my partner was cool.
He knew about LLS.”

Eugene, OR

With LLS we were able to
keep tabs on all the workers
we were bringing in
and get them through the
consulate procedures as
quickly as possible. It was
much easier than what we
had to go through last year.”

Castroville, CA

The last thing I needed
was a busload of workers
showing up in the middle
of the night unannounced.
LLS’s system kept us
informed throughout.
Yes, the workers arrived late,
but we knew in advance
that would be the case,
so it was no problem at all.”

Haines, SD